iAmericana Project  

iAmericana Project

Sam UresinIt all started with a trip to Alaska in September of 1997...


I was on a business trip to Seattle and thanks to my friend Dave's insistence, I ended up going to the place of my childhood dreams.


When I landed in Juneau, Alaska, I was not equipped to take pictures, so I bought the best digital camera I could find there which was a Casio point and shoot camera. Unfortunately, the pictures I took during that trip are no more than glorified thumbnails by today's standards. But the idea was born. I was going to visit every single state in this beautiful country of ours and capture its beauty through digital photography.


I would like to extend a special thanks to one of the most gifted musicians of our time, Paul Speer, for allowing me to use his beautiful music on my site. Please visit Paul's website at www.PaulSpeer.com


Sam Uresin